Choosing Between Canon PowerShot SX60HS and Nikon DL24-500?

Summary Between Canon PowerShot SX60HS and Nikon DL24-500

Don’t be turned off by these traditional cameras, as they are nothing like it, they are the most beautiful upgraded version of moment captures you can get your hands on. Read on and find out for yourself. The side by side comparison lets you view the specifications of the cameras. These cameras have high pixel DSLR quality image and great video recording with real film feel.


Canon PowerShot SX60HS is a CMOS Nikon sensor with 14.2 megapixel imaging and 6400 ISO sensitivity. It has been provided with 7.6 cm LCD screen for better visibility with 9.7 megapixel true resolution. 65x zoom with 21mm wide angle with manual focus and auto focus. The camera has built-in flash and also supports external flash to shoot at night.

Nikon DL24-500 is featured with a 20.7 megapixel with a 12,800 ISO sensitivity that helps you shoot in the dark with real dark film experience. OLED screen 7.6 cm gives you a true resolution of 20.7 like never before. 20.8x zoom with 24mm wide angle camera also autofocus and manual focus. It has built-in flash and also supports an external flash.


Canon PowerShot SX60HS has flip out screen for better photographic experience. You can also connect external mic. It has much better quality audio recording than other cameras. It is featured with contrast detection autofocus. Max shutter speed improved by 30%, you can capture events too fast and play them back super slow.

Nikon DL24-500 features a touch and flip out OLED screen which gives more vibrant, bright and clear picture quality. High resolution and an ISO sensitivity gives you DSLR picture resolution. The self image stabilization gives an amazing photographic experience and you can set focus accurately within the frame.


Canon PowerShot SX60HS is 128 mm long and very handy. You can always carry it in your handbag anywhere you want. Weighing 650 gms, this is camera is pretty light and best to capture every moment.

Nikon DL24-500 is broad and long and cannot be squeezed into smaller size. It is 123 mm long and weighs 780 gms. You can carry it in your handbag or camera pouch.


Nikon DL24-500 is better than Canon PowerShot SX60HS as it differs a lot in specifications. Nikon DL24-500 has 10 % better screen resolution. Anyone who loves photography might find this camera more attractive. Nikon DL24-500 also supports more video codec and captures 2x more details in your photography. Canon PowerShot SX60HS is much smaller and thinner than Nikon DL24-500. It also has better battery back up.



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