Choosing Between Canon PowerShot G3X and Canon PowerShot G5X?

Summary Between Canon PowerShot G3X and Canon PowerShot G5X?

Mind trying the new Canon PowerShot G3X or Canon PowerShot G5X? The side by side comparison lets you view the specifications of the cameras. These cameras have high pixel DSLR image quality and great video recording with real film feel. We have discussed both the cameras and their features for you to choose the best.


Canon PowerShot G3X has 20 megapixel with a 2500 ISO sensitivity for photo shoot like real experience. Featured with LCD screen 8.1 cm gives you better visibility. 25x zoom with 24mm wide angle camera also autofocus and manual focus. It has built-in flash and external flash connection.

Canon PowerShot G5X is featured with a 20 megapixel with a 12,800 ISO sensitivity. LCD screen 7.6 cm gives you true resolution like never before. 4.2x zoom with 24mm wide angle camera also equipped with autofocus and manual focus. This also has a built-in flash and supports external flash.


Canon PowerShot G3X features a touch and flip out LCD screen which gives more vibrant, bright and clear picture quality. The self image stabilization gives an amazing photographic experience and you can set focus accurately within the frame. High ISO also allows great night vision imaging. It has 60% higher screen resolution.

Canon PowerShot G5X is designed touch screen and flip out for better flexibility in your photographic experience. It has built-in flash as well as external flash connection. With its widest zoom the lens captures much more light.


Canon PowerShot G3X has a bigger screen size, but small and slim to easily carry anywhere you go. It weighs 733 gms and can be with a 10.5 cm width.

Canon PowerShot G5X is very handy and small. You can easily carry it in your pant pockets to anywhere without much hassle. It is smaller and thinner than Canon PowerShotG3X, weighing only 353 gms much lighter than the other camera.


As features and design differs a bit, you may like one better than the other. Canon PowerShot G3X has better screen size and resolution. With better battery back up you can click more pictures with Canon PowerShot G3X. Both connects external flash. Canon PowerShot G5X is the right choice for those who love to carry a camera all the time. As the features have quite a few differences, you can choose the feature which appeals to you the most and do a price comparison before your purchase.



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